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A lot of young scientists like to invent things. A group of young people from Akihabara, namely Rintaro Okabe, an 18-year-old Tokyo University student, his childhood friend Mayuri Shiina, a hacker friend Itaru Hasida, a sweet girl and part-time genius Kurisu Makise and a few more funny faces, decided not to start small, but immediately build a time machine. From empty talk to business they came pretty quickly and from a pile of junk from the next sale, a certain device was nevertheless built.

Steiner's Gate watch online

The joy was not small, but it quickly vanished when on July 28, 2010, Rintaro, during a conference on time, finds the bloodied body of one of the group members. Of course, risking your life is one thing, but not the lives of your friends! But, what was, is gone and what has been done cannot be returned ... Although stop! Maybe... yet...

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Genre : thriller, fantasy, drama
Type : TV (24 episodes + special), 25 min.

Steins Gate: What order to watch

#1  Steins' Gate [TV] - TV (24 eps + special), game adaptation, 2011
#2  Steins Gate (film) — p/f, game adaptation, 2013
#3  Steins' Gate ONA - ONA (4 ep.), addition, 2014

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