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All those who have seen Sailermoon agree on one critical opinion about the Winx - they ripped off the idea, and that's it. The Japanese people are patient and they endured for a very long time the dawn and popularity of this animated series. But already this year they could not stand it and thought, “Why are we sitting and doing nothing?”. As soon as this thought crept into my head, this cute anime hastily appeared on the screens.

You have not yet guessed what it is about and have not heard anything about the previously mentioned two projects?
The anime will tell about the life of five ordinary girls who, by the will of fate, will have to fight evil again and again threatening good. Of course, trials, friends and enemies will await them.

Such stories are always similar and different at the same time. They will never bother those who love them. Probably under pressure, and with awareness, they decided to create the anime Funny Pill Kids.

If you are among the fans of such stories - enjoy watching!
If not, take a magic pill, suddenly your opinion will change;)

Genre: Adventure, Magical Shojo
Type: TV (48 ep.), 25 min.

All anime series Funny Pill Kids!

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