Love on High watch online

This drama is set in a remote area of ​​Yunnan City, where hotel lady Xu has been living and working for many years. By fate, her husband has been missing for a long time, or rather more than 7 years, having gone in search of one boy.

At the same time, the famous singer and actor Michael Lau, due to a failed marriage, decided to throw himself into drunkenness, pouring his grief into a bottle, and go somewhere far, far away from everyone. Running away from the eyes of journalists, he hides in the truck of the owner of the hotel, and, once in her house, begins to hooligan and arrange a complete brawl.

But Xu turned out to be a bright fan of Michael's work, allowing him to live with her.
And this is where the romance begins.

Genre : Drama
Type : Feature film, 110 min.

Drama Love on High online

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