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Love on high
Love on high

This drama is set in a remote area of ​​Yunnan City, where hotel lady Xu has been living and working for many years. By fate, her husband has been missing for a long time, or rather more than 7 years, having gone in search of one ...

Series of various genres have firmly entered our lives, and it occupies a rather large niche among new movies. At the same time, there are fans not only of Russian-language and Western works, but also of Japanese TV series - dramas.

Watch dramas of all genres

For us, this is a fairly new direction and the Russian-language fandom of dramas is constantly growing every year. Usually these are three-month series with a strict schedule for the release of new episodes, which have an intriguing plot and excellent acting. At the same time, the range of genres is very wide: among the dramas there can be tearful melodramas for those who like to cry, funny comedies for all ages, and even scary thrillers with elements of science fiction or fantasy. Also, historical dramas about imperial dynasties and samurai will not leave anyone indifferent. After all, how else can you get to know oriental culture, if not directly from the original source - the work of Japanese masters?

We also call dramas Korean (the second most popular after Japanese), Chinese, Taiwanese and Hong Kong series. Although still the ancestor of the name is Japan.

Why is it better to watch dramas online on Anime-Mania

A huge range of series of all categories will help you choose exactly what you like. At the same time, you need to watch dramas online, having previously selected an excellent translation into Russian. You can easily find a high-quality translation with the best TV shows on our website!

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