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So we waited for the continuation of the story about the cute Tamaki Kisuga and her five handsome defenders. To refresh my memory: the main character is in high school and moved from Tokyo to Kifu village to live with her grandmother. Before she had time to come home, she stumbled upon adventures and met a handsome guy. It turned out that Tamaki is the hereditary keeper of a magical artifact - the Onikimaru blade, which gives its owner incredible power, strength and power. Of course, a sort of object is constantly being hunted, because there are five guys in the village who are also far from ordinary people. They are half demons sworn to protect the magic sword and its keeper.

Last season was full of romantic scenes where Tamaki tried to figure out who she has real feelings for, as well as fighting with hostile members of the Logos society. If with matters of the heart everything finally came down to specifics, then with the battles the circumstances turned out to be not so pleasant and unambiguous. The fact is that in the last battle, the heroes of the anime had to turn to the power of the Onikimaru sword itself. And this means that Takuma, who violated the ban and removed the seals from the magic blade, which is also Tamaki's lover, earned himself a curse that gradually destroys him. Only inhuman nature somehow supports the guy's life. And also, the keepers of the sword will have to somehow seal it again, and for this you have to pay a huge price, or rather, a sacrifice. But while former enemies are licking their wounds in the shadows, other very curious personalities may appear in the small village of Kifu, who can turn out to be both friends and enemies.

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Genre : Romance, Mystery, Shoujo
Type : TV (13 ep.), 25 min.

Crimson Shards: What order to watch

#1  Crimson Shards [TV-1] - TV (13 ep.), game adaptation, 2012
#2  Scarlet Shards [TV-2] - TV (13 ep.), Sequel, 2012
#3  Scarlet Shards OVA - OVA (1 ep.), expansion, 2013

All episodes of season 2 Scarlet Shards

Crimson Shards OVA

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