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The main character of the series, Tamaki, comes to the village of Kifamura to visit her grandmother, whom she has not had since childhood. But the bus arrived ahead of time, and the girl decided to get to the house of her only relative living here. I had to go through the forest. After walking not a small part of the path, Tamaki began to feel somehow strange, and then, turning around, she saw a strange white ball with legs, arms and eyes. This miracle is also something mumbled about some kind of offering. Before the girl had time to recover from what she saw, the ball ran away. And from the other side, large one-eyed slippery monsters began to approach Tamaki. The first reaction is to run wherever your eyes look! But there was no need to run. Immediately, a mysterious guy took the girl by the hand, pressed her to him and told her to be quiet.

Who is this guy? Who's that girl? How did they manage to escape the attack? You can answer these questions and find out the secrets of this village, Tamaki's family and environment by watching this anime!

Watch anime Crimson Shards season 1 online on our website absolutely free and without registration. All episodes of the first season of the anime series Scarlet Shards are available to your attention in good quality and Russian voice acting.

Genre : Romance, Mystery, Shoujo
Type : TV (13 ep.), 25 min.

Crimson Shards: What order to watch

#1  Crimson Shards [TV-1] - TV (13 ep.), game adaptation, 2012
#2  Scarlet Shards [TV-2] - TV (13 ep.), Sequel, 2012
#3  Scarlet Shards OVA - OVA (1 ep.), expansion, 2013

All episodes of season 1 Scarlet Shards

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